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Welcome to this Legge Fitness Superstores website dedicated to the Softub product!

       Legge Fitness Superstores is an Authorized Dealer for Softub Canada. Legge Fitness Superstores operates this website that you are on right now. They are a second generation family owned and operated business, and they have been in business for 30 years. They have a large presence in Southern Ontario with a total of 6 stores. They have built this website for the sole purpose of trying to make Canadians more aware of, what they consider to be, the most advanced and effective M.E.D. Spa on the market today; the Canadian Made SOFTUB!
       M.E.D. is an acronym. The M stands for Massage which relaxes, the E stands for Exercise which strengthens, and the D stands for Decompression which Realigns.

       The Softub offers many unique features, and in fact, there are 12 great reasons why the Softub M.E.D. Spa is considered the smart person's hot tub! Since personally owning their own Softub for about 5 years now, the Legge family can testify that the Softub M.E.D. Spa will make a big difference in how your body works and feels.      
       The Legge Fitness Superstores team is more than happy to refer people to their local Authorized Softub Canada Dealer,
so that they can receive optimal service and support down the road. However, if people don't have a local dealer, they will ship to most parts of Canada as well.

       Having worked with thousands of clients with all different areas of interest and concern, they have found that warm (or hot) water, massage, and buoyancy offer many healing and rejuvenating benefits. In fact, many of their clients consider the Softub a 'necessity' rather than a luxury. As a result they have been fortunate to receive many amazing testimonials from their clients who use the SOFTUB!

       The Legge family strongly believes in the healing benefits of hydrotherapy to enhance one's level of fitness, health and youthfulness. They feel it's a real privilege to be part of the Softub Canada story, and they encourage you to browse this website to find out more about this truly unique product! 


The Softub represents the ultimate M.E.D. Spa!

The Softub is the ideal environment in which to experience therapeutic Massage, Exercise and Decompression at it's best. This is due to these unique features:

- Maximum Buoyancy (up to 2 feet of water depth)

- Maximum Freedom of Movement (no obstructions)

- Maximum Water Flow via Unique Therapy Jets

- Maximum Heat (up to 106 degrees)

- Maximum Comfort & Safety (no hard, slippery surfaces)

- Maximum Ease of Maintenance

- Maximum Affordability (about $5 - $10/mth. on average)


3 Models to Meet your Needs

View Softub ModelsView Softub Models.jpegView Softub Models.jpg

 Sportster 140                                          Legend 220                                         Resort 300+

 Small                                                       Medium                                                Large


Customer_Favorite.pngDSC_0204.JPG is the Softub Canada website, and they are the manufacturer of Softubs for all of Canada.

` is a Legge Fitness Superstores website, and they are an Authorized Dealer for Softub Canada.



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