A Simple, Efficient and Practical Therapy Spa for the Whole Family

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                               You Get Ultimate PORTABILITY... Because all

                                                               Softubs weigh less than 90lbs, can be moved by one person, and rolled through a

                                                               standard door. One year you could have it in your basement, the next year outside,

                                                               and if you move it goes with you to the new house!

                                You Get Ultimate CONVENIENCE... Because all

                                                                Softubs plug into any standard 110V 15amp outlet so you can conveniently place it

                                                                wherever you want. Yes, even on a boat!

                                You Save Money Over and Over again...

                                                                Because with Softub's Patented HEAT CONVERSION system you can save up to

                                                                $1,000/year on electrical costs, by owning a Softub rather than a "Hard Tub." At

                                                                that rate, in approximately 5 years your Softub (300 Model) is paid for!

                                 You Can Finally Soak in COMFORT... Because

                                                                Softubs are constructed of a soft, yet durable patented material called, POLYBOND.

                                                                This means it's safe for children too!



                                 It's EASY... Because you don't need a special surface for the Softub.

                                                                  No special tools or equipment, and no special plumbing or electrical hook-up.

                                                                  What could be simpler?



                                 It's Nice and CLEAN... Because of Softub's patented OZONE

                                                                  SYSTEM, and large 1” diameter plumbing and jets you can keep your SOFTUB

                                                                  clean with fewer chemicals. Save hundreds of dollars every year compared to

                                                                  other tubs. After all, who wants to sit in a chemical soup?

                                 You Get Healing THERAPY... Because of the

                                                                  powerful, adjustable 1” diameter hydro jets that are strategically placed to

                                                                  deliver therapeutic, massaging streams of water. SOFTUBS are used by

                                                                  professional sports teams, Olympic teams, and therapists as the ideal hydrotherapy spa.

                                 You Are Supporting CANADA... Because Softubs have

                                                                  been hand-built in Ontario for over 20 years, and have a proven track record of success

                                                                  and reliability! The Softub product line is distributed in over 22 countries around the

                                                                  world; including Russia, Australia and England to name a few. There are over 300,000

                                                                  Softub users worldwide, so there is no question that Softub is truly a Canadian Success

                                                                  Story! Now that's something to be proud of.






Softub spas stand for individuality, environmental friendliness and maximum flexibility – a way to relax and unwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. Portable

Lightweight, easy to use, simple to install: Since Softub is the world's most portable spa, there are no limits as to where you can install it.

4. Flexible

The round shape of the Softub ensures maximum flexibility: This spacious barrier free interior provides freedom of movement and lets you sit and recline in absolutely any position.

7. Weather resistant

Come rain, snow, heat or frost – .Leathertex, the robust outer material, can withstand any weather sent its way. Softub stands for durability and colours that won't fade over the years.

2. Hygienic

The automatic purification function of the Softub Ozone System aids intensive and hygienic water purification so that you can relax in crystal clear, high-quality water every time you take a soak!

5. Energy efficient

Softub spas are market leaders when it comes to the use of heat recovery technology. The HydroMate incorporates pump, motor and heater into a single unit. The filtered water is warmed using heat generated by the motor, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

8. Stylish

Leather look, surrounding decks, modern exterior colors and practical, stylish accessories – Softub is the quintessence of design, style and superior quality.

3. Quiet

Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet! Advanced Whisper technology makes Softub the quietest hot tub in the world; for relaxed hours in soothing tranquility!

6. Comfortable

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, Softub hot tubs can't be beat! The soft but firm Polybond foam interior provides optimal comfort and support in any position and makes the Softub as cozy and comfortable as a leather sofa.